Friday, 21 January 2011

folksy friday :: WOOL

I am a sucker for wool, it's my one weakness! Luckily in Leominster where I live there is a lovely wool shop full of divine temptation, and yes I was there again today! I love the phone case that I made the other day so much that I am thinking of making a camera case .... so off to the wool shop I toddled and balls of wool I did buy ...
... 'haven't I seen some of that wool before?' I hear you cry .... well yes, but I love it ... and have decided that after I have made a camera case, which won't take much wool, I am going to make a large blanket ... will obviously need more wool for that, but that won't be a chore to get honest ;)

So this week Collection from Folksy is WOOL!
B ~ Lace Taupe Shawl by WINTER COMFORTS
C ~ Knitted Carrot by NOOK AND CRANNY
D ~ Crochet Bowls by BEEP BEEP
E ~ Shoulder Bag by POMPOMKNITS
F ~ Crochet Necklace by KATIES CORNER

Please pop along and visit their shops and see the other lovely things they make xxx

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  1. Mrs Mac said ...

    Ooh, I love the carrot! great choices.

    21st Jan 2011


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