Thursday, 13 January 2011

big wide scarf :: FINISHED

I don't know if you remember before Christmas I started a big wide scarf to keep my head warm, but had to pause on it because I ran out of wool and then the wool shop had to order me another ball?
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.... well last night I finished it! and I love it!!!
... I put a little frill round the edge ...
... it is very long! ... this is me in it ...

... I may look silly! but I will be warm!! hehe


  1. Teri said ...

    hehe lovely scarf very pretty! you look fab! hehe xxxx

    13th Jan 2011

  2. Trinket Box said ...

    hehehe, that picture made me giggle, but it is a gorgeous scarf! I wish I could knit! x

    13th Jan 2011

  3. Jean said ...

    You do not look silly at all, it is really pretty. I am learning to crochet. I can do the stitch and now a friend is going to show me how I SHOULD hold the wool!!

    13th Jan 2011

  4. hehe ... thanks guys ... knowing my luck now I have finished it, the sun will shine and I won't need it!
    Jean, I hold the wool a bit funny 'cos I am left-handed and my mum taught me right-handed crochet, but it comes out ok so I figure as long as it works!

    Maria xx

    13th Jan 2011


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx

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