Monday, 7 December 2009

Post Office

I know I say this all the time, but where is it going? .... only a few weeks to Christmas already! I seem to have spent all my time of the last month packing up goodies and posting them (this is good ~ not complaining, but I am beginning to wonder if I am coming or going!) Sadly this means that I haven't had much time to make & design new jewellery and gifts, but I have lots of ideas and can't wait to start them in the New Year :)
This is Dilly-dog looking after some of the post while we get the rest of it done ... she loves walking to the Post Office as she is good friends with the lady who works there!

I hope everyone is having a lovely run-up to Christmas and feeling Christmassy ... We have been playing Christmas music at The Butterfly Factory for a couple of months now so are feeling very festive! (A couple of months you say! ... Yep, my little elf helper ~ my sister-in-law LOVES Christmas and so we started in October!)

Don't forget if you have any presents still to get our eBay shop is full as well as our online shop & Folksy shop!

Merry Christmas everyone and although it is lovely to give gifts to people, remember that the important thing is to spend time with and tell the people that we love that we love them xx


  1. Trinket Box said ...

    I love the last paragraph of this post - totally agree :)

    I'm starting to feel Christmassy. Done all my shopping and wrapped everything, got my pink tree up - yup, I love Christmas!


    8th December 2009

    1. thanks :)
      PINK tree ... I know a little girl who would LOVE that :)

      8th December 2009

  2. Kate said ...

    Oh what a lovely post! I loooooove the picture of Dilly-dog - look at those big brown eyes! (fab strawberry bag too).

    Your last paragraph is just beautiful and really sums up christmas perfectly. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas Maria, and that 2010 is a great year for you too.

    Love Kate x

    PS - Pink tree?! Amazing! Now, how do I convince the other half..... ;)

    8th December 2009

    1. thanks Kate
      The strawberry bag is from the cancer research shop... they have some really lovely ones.

      I think 2010 will be my best year of my life so far (hows that positive thinking!!)

      Could you have the pink tree as an extra tree, in your bedroom or the kitchen?? Then he isn't having to choose and can enjoy both!

      8th December 2009

  3. xoxo said ...

    cute little doggie :D
    Sounds like your having a jolly time gearing up for Christmas. My sis and I have been preparing the house and what not, but so far no Christmas music. LOL

    1. aw, thanks .... she is the cutest doggy :)

      I know we are sad listening to Christmas music so early but I think we are actually aged 6 and are very excited about Christmas ;) hehe!

      9th December 2009


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